• Consor’s structural assessment capabilities include industrial diving services, both offshore and inland, in support of water resources projects around the world. Our highly trained ADCI-certified dive teams work frequently with municipalities, water districts, river authorities, utilities, and power generators; industrial and commercial companies; the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Navy; and other state and federal agencies to deliver highly specialized underwater services that help our clients to plan, design, construct, and maintain infrastructure in the riverine and offshore environments. 

    Our Services

    Water Tanks

    Dams, Intakes, and Sluice Gates

    Remote Sensing

    Zebra Mussel Control

    Custom Fabrication

    Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) Diving

    Cathodic Protection

    Underwater Welding

    Marine Construction

    Featured Experts

    David Dodd

    David Dodd

    A career as a diver supporting the Army Corps of Engineers around the world led David Dodd to 42 years in the underwater industry with some amazing organizations and team members.

    “As a diving supervisor, I have had the opportunity to mentor divers as their careers develop and instill in them a passion for excellence and commitment to safety. In my current role as VP of Diving Operations, I educate non-diving project managers on diving and diving safety best practices and how to utilize our highly trained engineer and technician divers most effectively. Training non-divers to think about safety the way we do it smooths the way for safe and efficient operations.”