• Our transportation design experience ranges from small-scale city engineering assignments to multi-million-dollar, federally funded bridge and freeway projects. Consor has a lengthy portfolio of service of working on local agency and DOT projects utilizing various funding sources. We are recognized experts dedicated to planning, program development, design, and implementation of transportation systems, and we strive to create livable communities and healthier environments through expanded and improved transportation options. We deliver sustainable solutions that improve the safety of transportation systems for all users and travel modes. Consor team members are adept at program development; planning and conceptual design; stakeholder and public outreach; multimodal operations; and civil, structural, traffic, and drainage design.

    Our Services

    Roadways and Highways

    • Feasibility Studies
    • PD&E/Schematic & Environmental/NEPA Studies
    • PS&E
    • New and Enhanced Intersection Design
    • New, Widening, Realignment, and Traffic Calming Designs
    • Resurfacing, Restoration, and Rehabilitation (RRR) Design
    • Interchange Design Configurations
    • Operational/Level of Service Improvements
    • Roundabout Design
    • ADA Compliance and Improvement Design
    • Pavement Management
    • Drainage Conveyance, Culvert, and Flooding Preventative Design
    • Complete Streets, Streetscape Improvements, and Xeriscaping
    • Utility Coordination and Engineering

    Bridges and Ancillary Structures

    • Full Lifecycle Consulting Support
    • Planning, Schematic Layouts, Design, and Plan/Constructability Review
    • Rehabilitations and Retrofits
    • Bridge Preventative Maintenance Program Development and Implementation
    • Historic Bridge Preservation and Restoration
    • Load Rating
    • Seismic Analysis





    Traffic Engineering/ITS

    • Safety Studies
    • Traffic Operation Analysis
    • Traffic Modeling
    • Traffic Calming
    • Vision Zero
    • Traffic Signal Timing, Design, and Optimization
    • Signal Warrant Studies
    • Signal Feasibility Studies
    • Maintenance of Traffic/Traffic Control Plans
    • Signing and Pavement Marking
    • Illumination Analysis and Design
    • Signal Interconnect Systems
    • Ramp Metering
    • Bicycle and Pedestrian Signals
    • Innovative Intersection Analysis and Design
    • Traffic Management Center Upgrades
    • Transit Signal Priority Systems
    • Connected/Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure
    • Asset Management System Development and Support


    • Complete Streets
    • Bike and Pedestrian Improvements
    • Innovative Street Design
    • Multi-use Trail Design
    • Safety Improvements
    • Traffic Calming
    • Safe Routes to Schools
    • Wayfinding Design
    • ADA Compliance
    • Rapid Implementation & Design


    • Transit Signal Priority
    • Bus Lanes
    • Queue Jumps
    • Light Rail Transit (LRT) Systems
    • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Systems

    Storm/Emergency Damage Repair

    • Roadway and Highway Slip Out Repairs
    • Landslide Stabilization
    • Bridge and Retaining Wall Failures
    • Pavement Repairs

    Hydraulics/Hydrology and Drainage

    • Hydrologic Studies
    • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling with HEC-RAS 1D Steady State and 2D, XPSWMM 1D and 1D/2D linked, InfoWorks
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling
    • Hydraulic Design
    • Storm Water Pump Station Design
    • Bridge Scour Evaluations and Analysis

    Featured Experts

    Mark Reno, PE

    Mark Reno, PE

    Mark’s affinity for finding an answer to every problem has earned him the reputation as “the person who knows a person.” If he doesn’t know the solution himself, he has the connections to get one. That’s the natural product of more than 34 years in the industry and 26+ years serving on national boards and committees, including for the Transportation Research Board: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the National Cooperative Highway Research Program. His deep industry involvement and drive to continually expand his knowledge has made Mark a bridge engineering thought leader and trusted advisor to many clients.

    “Recognize that you can learn from folks at all levels. Early in my career, I learned so many new ideas and solutions from structural drafting technicians, construction field inspectors, structure representatives, resident engineers, claims engineers, and fellow design engineers. They all had something to share. Pay attention, ask questions, and follow up.”