Region 5 Curb Ramps


Following a successful fast-tracked PS&E delivery, the blended Consor CA/CEI and design team has been leading the CA/CEI efforts to construct 263 ramps for this ADA Pilot Program project. Consor is leading the CA/CEI efforts for the Union County ADA package. This includes the full-time inspection and administration, along with our blended design team. This project required proactive communication with ODOT, multiple city stakeholders, and affected utilities.

This project exemplified the seamless integration of our CA/CEI team with the design EOR. All projects require collaboration with the EOR, but ADA projects necessitate an increased focus on this interaction due to the many field modifications. Our inspectors developed an efficient process to engage the design team, utilizing field video calls and sharing screens to sketch out proposed changes. This enabled our team to make quick decisions and keep the contractor on schedule.

Project Highlights

  • Full CA/CEI phase oversight
  • ADA ramp inspection and compliance
  • Environmental coordination and observation
  • 263 curb ramps constructed across several cities in Union County
  • Utility coordination
  • Curb ramps modified and constructed to prevent damage from public snow plows

What Our Clients are Saying

"In the last couple of years that I have been working with [Consor], their team has proven to be a leader both on design and construction. I really appreciate the high quality work that has been received and the ability to produce such work with little ODOT oversight.“