Utah is currently ranked in the top 10 states for population growth, and critical infrastructure is being upgraded all over the state to accommodate that influx of people. One example is on Emery Street in Salt Lake City, where an old sewer line was undersized and had recently been surcharging. To mitigate the problem, Consor designed a project to upsize and rehabilitate hundreds of feet of sewer pipe. In the end, it will more than double the original capacity!

Practical projects like this may provide great benefits to communities in the long run, but that doesn’t make their construction impacts any less disruptive in the moment. Luckily, Consor’s fantastic public involvement and construction management teammates have great strategies for easing inconveniences for community members. By visiting the project site frequently to document progress, meeting with residents and businesses, and delivering flyers that outline upcoming impacts, they keep everyone informed and make sure projects keep moving forward efficiently toward completion.