Winslow Water Tank Replacement

City of Bainbridge Island, WA

Consor staff are leading a public outreach program for the City of Bainbridge Island to support the replacement of an aging and seismically vulnerable elevated 1MG water tank with a new 2MG tank that will better meet community needs. Because the new tank will be constructed on Bainbridge Island School District property near several neighborhoods, the project team must closely coordinate with the school district and keep its neighbors informed and engaged in the process.

The new tank will provide increased water pressure and will ensure that the City can meet the long-term water supply needs for the island’s projected growth. It will be constructed in a different location than the older tank, allowing the school district to redevelop the old tank site and reduce its aesthetic impacts on their neighbors.

Consor staff developed a communications and outreach plan to increase awareness about the need for a new tank and to gain support for its placement in new location. As part of this plan, the project team conducted a site tour with neighbors and held a public open house. They also produced an informational video, developed website content, and created conceptual visualizations to demonstrate the benefits of the new tank.


Project Highlights

  • Public outreach program
  • Site tour and open house
  • Informational content development