Water System Master Plan

City of Beaverton, OR

Since 1996, Consor has provided engineering services for various design and planning projects for the City of Beaverton. Our 24 continuous years of experience delivering projects to the City has allowed us to build a trusted relationship with many of the staff, from project managers to operations crews.

The Beaverton water service area is experiencing a period of rapid growth and change including development of the South Cooper Mountain (SCM) area. SCM includes 544 acres, annexed to the City in 2013 with limited existing infrastructure. To meet these new demands, our team worked to develop a comprehensive long-term plan for the water system. The final plan includes updated supply and distribution system mapping and operational summaries, analysis of future service area expansion and potential water demand, capacity analyses, a seismic vulnerability assessment of the distribution system, and an evaluation of automated meter reading (AMR) technology.

Over the course of the three-year project, the City was also weighing the need for the following: renewal in the existing system, operational changes to improve redundancy, development of a non-potable irrigation system to offset future supply costs, participation in the regional Willamette Water Supply System, expansion of the City’s Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) wells, and renewal of intergovernmental agreements with neighboring water providers. Consor’s work on the Water System Master Plan allowed us to provide tailored information and mapping to support the City’s decision-making processes for these key infrastructure investments.

As part of ongoing water system engineering work for the City, Consor has completed water system hydraulic analysis to inform operational changes, reservoir siting studies, reservoir and pump station inspections and assessments (condition/seismic/O&M), and designs for numerous water system reservoir, pump station, and piping improvements. Consor is proud to be a partner of the City of Beaverton, providing engineering analysis and data-driven alternatives that inform resilient water system development to serve the community for generations to come.

Project Highlights

  • Future water demand forecasting
  • Coordination of long-range service area growth potential
  • CIP development
  • Seismic vulnerability analysis, including geohazard map development, water facility, and pipe fragility evaluation
  • Water service area population of 85,000