Vision Zero Safe Streets Report and Action Plan


Consor staff have been working with the City of Boulder since 2014 on their Safe Streets Reporting. Previous reports have provided the framework for the City’s safety initiatives designed to reduce collisions for people using all modes of travel. To help track progress toward Vision Zero, Consor helped the City create the 2019 Safe Streets Report and Vision Zero Action Plan; the Vision Zero Action Plan was a first for the City. The Safe Streets Report measured crash data in Boulder, identified trends, evaluated past safety improvement efforts, and outlined additional strategies that will help the City reduce crashes and achieve their Vision Zero goal of eliminating all fatalities and serious injuries caused by traffic crashes. From the 2015-2017 data, over 9,800 collisions were analyzed in detail to identify the most common types of collisions, the behaviors that caused them, and the locations where they occurred most frequently. Consor worked with staff to develop a methodology to prioritize high collision intersections by injury factors, crash type, and modes of transportation. The findings from the analysis were used to determine strategies to mitigate future collisions.

Project Highlights

  • Analyzed 9,800 collisions to identify common types of collisions and locations they occurred
  • Developed strategies to prioritize high collision intersections and mitigate future collisions