Villa Road Improvements

Newberg, OR

Consor worked with the City of Newberg to improve Villa Road between Crestview Drive and Hayworth Avenue. Villa Road, one of the City’s major collector streets, runs between Highway 99 and Mountainview Road. This stretch of roadway lacked bike lanes, curbs, and sidewalks, and the pavement had significantly exceeded its design life. The road alignment also posed safety concerns down a steep hill and under a railroad bridge while crossing over two hydraulically deficient culverts.  

Consor completed designs to realign Villa Road to improve sight distance and add multimodal facilities, including new sidewalks and bike lanes between Haworth Avenue and Park Lane. Our team submitted a complex DSL/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit to document the roadway widening and realignment through environmentally sensitive areas. This permit included wetland mitigation, stormwater management utilizing low impact development approach (LIDA) facilities, and two new fish passage culverts to improve hydraulics. A planned multi-family development adjoining the roadway required careful coordination with project schedules and maintaining emergency access during construction. Consor and the City navigated these joint interests with the adjacent private development to complete phased grading and installation of a retaining wall on the developer side of the property. 

Since the primary north-south collector was in a proactive, civically engaged community, Consor prepared a public involvement plan to inform residents about the project and possible impacts. Consor minimized these impacts through phased construction and by coordinating utility improvements early in design. Our team also developed traffic control routes to accommodate emergency access and facilitate consistent entry to several schools, including George Fox University. 

These Consor-designed improvements have dramatically improved the community, facilitating roadway safety by optimizing vehicular sight distance and geometrics, and enhancing connectivity for the surrounding community, including cyclists and pedestrians who can now easily access Chehalem Aquatic Center, Newberg High School, and George Fox University. 

Project Highlights

  • Vertical and horizontal roadway realignment to improve safety
  • New sidewalks and bike lanes along 2,450 feet of roadway reconstruction
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Right-of-way acquisition
  • Public outreach
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/National Marine Fisheries Service SLOPES permitting
  • LIDA stormwater management
  • Two new fish passage culverts
  • Stream restoration and realignment
  • Utility coordination and planning
  • Phased project delivery