US 36 Transit Signal Priority

Denver, Colorado

Consor worked hand-in-hand with the Regional Transportation District (RTD) to implement transit signal priority (TSP) along US 36 and East Colfax Avenue. Consor staff played a key role in the agency coordination with both Denver and the City of Westminster to make sure that all stakeholders were in agreement on the parameters under which TSP would be implemented. Additionally, following implementation in Westminster, Consor has been involved in performing analysis of the system to track if TSP is operating properly; this work has culminated in a lessons learned document that Consor staff prepared in order to assist RTD and other agencies with future TSP implementation. Consor has developed testing plans to be used during implementation of TSP in order to verify that the traffic signals are operating as intended. Consor has also performed data collection and developed a before and after memo documenting queue lengths at two key intersections along East Colfax Avenue. The work efforts performed under this task were then packaged into an internal RTD TSP guidance document to allow for more streamlined implementations moving forward.

Project Highlights

  • Transit signal priority system analysis and improvements
  • Consor developed internal guidance for RTD TSP guidance for streamlined implementation