Statewide Routine, Fracture Critical, Ancillary, and Underwater Bridge Inspection


Consor has been providing statewide routine bridge inspection services for TxDOT for more than 20 years, having completed thousands of inspections and hundreds of load ratings during that time. We are currently providing fracture critical bridge and tunnel inspection services statewide for TxDOT. Bridge types and elements include non-redundant pier caps, simple span truss and pony truss bridges, and a variety of complex bridges.

In addition to our topside inspection services, Consor is providing underwater bridge inspection and acoustic imaging statewide under a third consecutive task order-based contract. Each bridge is inspected from 2 ft. above the mean high tide waterline to the mudline. Each inspection requires a detailed engineering report that includes client-specific forms, channel cross-section sketches, follow-up action worksheets, element data inspection records, and inventory and defect photographs. Task orders included in the underwater inspection and 2D and 3D acoustic imaging of on- and off-system bridges statewide. In addition to routine underwater inspections, we have provided special inspections to document remaining steel section below water and define limits of scour below spread footings. We have also provided emergency response services following numerous flood events; these responses have been to document damage following barge impacts and to fully document scour utilizing acoustic imaging, both during and after flood events.

Project Highlights

  • NBIS routine bridge inspections
  • Fracture critical bridge inspections
  • Underwater inspections and acoustic imaging
  • Load ratings
  • NTIS tunnel inspections