Statewide Major Bridge Inspections


This project included routine and in-depth, hands-on NBIS bridge inspection services utilizing rope access techniques on major bridges statewide in Oregon. Structures included the Bridge of the Gods over the Columbia River, an 1,856-ft. cantilever through truss; the Hood River Bridge over the Columbia River, a 4,418-ft. truss bridge with a vertical lift; and the Lombard Avenue Bridge over the BNSF Railroad, a 340-ft. Warren deck truss bridge. Routine inspections included bridge element inventory and element condition assessment, inspection remarks and maintenance recommendations, photographs, and stream cross section and timber boring diagrams, as needed; in-depth fracture critical and fatigue prone detail inspections were performed and reported in accordance with FHWA publication “Inspection of Fracture Critical Members”, Report No. FHWA-IP-86-26, Section 9.4 ODOT Bridge Inspection Manual-Fatigue Prone Details, and agency inspection standards. The project included detailed inspection reports, digital photographs, thickness measurements, gusset plate detail measuring, and dye penetrant or magnetic particle testing.

Project Highlights

  • Routine, in-depth, and fracture critical inspections
  • Rope access techniques