Milling, Resurfacing, and Minor Widening of SR 65 in Liberty County

Liberty County, Florida

Consor provided engineering design for the 25.612-mile roadway milling, resurfacing, and minor widening of SR 65 in Liberty County, Florida. The majority of SR 65 is in the Apalachicola National Forest. Considerable coordination with permitting agencies was included due to the sensitive lands and work mix. The project included milling, resurfacing, minor roadway widening, designing paved shoulders, and improving drainage. The two bridges on this section of roadway required guardrail improvements, striping, and load rating. This project was very environmentally sensitive area and various endangered species existed within the project area including the Red Cockaded Woodpecker, a federally endangered, Florida threatened bird and the Harpers Beauty, a federally endangered lily. Our design either extended, lined, and/or replaced 63 cross drains underneath SR 65.