Regional Transportation District Quality of Life Study

Denver, Colorado

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) Quality of Life Study is a multi-year monitoring program that focuses on the “quality of life” in the context of those attributes most affected by transit investments. Data is collected, analyzed, and summarized annually for up to 80 metrics to understand how well FasTracks, and the RTD system as a whole, is achieving its goals. Consor is responsible for analyzing the data and communicating the results in a meaningful way. The project audience includes RTD board members, RTD patrons, and local and national transportation specialists.

In 2018, Consor supported RTD in developing the State of the System Report, which built upon the data collection and analysis completed for the Quality of Life Study and to analyze the system as a whole. Our team was responsible for reviewing and summarizing the purpose and goals of current/underway plans and studies, such as the First and Last Mile Strategic Plan, Regional BRT Feasibility Study, and Mobility Choice Blueprint to inform the report. As a result, the Quality of Life Study was expanded in 2019 to identify and analyze relevant metrics for the entire system.

In 2020, our team put together a comprehensive report that analyzed impacts of the FasTracks program on balancing transit needs with regional growth, increasing transit mode share, improving transportation options and choices, and improving environmental sustainability and public health.

Project Highlights

  • Expanded the Quality of Life Study for the The State of the System Report to better identify and analyze metrics for the entire system
  • Developed a report which analyzed transit needs, regional growth, and other factors