Pedestrian Improvement Program


Consor is in the process of developing Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure ‘s (DOTI’s) new Pedestrian Intersection Improvement Program, using best practices from Denver’s peer cities to build a proactive and responsive program that prioritizes crossing improvements citywide. Consor is creating a prioritization process that can balance and compare impacts of different needs – safety, public involvement, synergy with DOTI projects, etc. – when evaluating future improvements. Consor is also creating a Risk Assessment Tool to evaluate intersection improvements, with the goal of allowing the user to interactively confirm the proposed improvements and review the associated risks and costs. The Risk Assessment Tool will allow the user to assess the cost impacts of the risks by toggling inputs on and off or changing the level of risk. This tool will include inputs related to on-street parking impacts, right-of-way, curb ramp and sidewalk condition, utilities, drainage infrastructure, and topography.

Project Highlights

  • Developed best practices to building pedestrian-focused design improvements
  • Development of a Risk Assessment Tool to test and understand different impacts