Pavement Management Program

Lake Oswego, OR

Following a 2017 mandate, the City of Lake Oswego hired Consor to manage a five-year, multi-million-dollar street improvement program focused on upgrading pavement conditions. Consor served as program manager and provided design and construction administration for annual paving and slurry seal projects. 

To manage the significant increase in annual workload, Consor teamed with local firms and integrated with City staff to form a long-term program team. To establish a framework integrating City/Consultant staff for ongoing delivery, the Consor team developed a program management plan (PMP) that included right-sized tools, such as a master budget spreadsheet, risk register, public outreach plan, and five-year paving plan. By utilizing these tools and meeting regularly, the program team has managed ongoing needs and successfully tracked progress. 

To deliver improvements, Consor has designed and provided construction administration for annual paving projects. The design process involves collaboratively determining pavement rehabilitation treatments with overlays, grind and inlays, full-depth repairs, and full-depth reclamation. Related work includes replacing stormwater catch basins with sumps for improved maintenance, curb ramp retrofits and push button modifications to meet ADA requirements, and new durable pavement markings. In addition to these annual projects, Consor also oversaw two separate full-depth reconstruction capital improvement projects, including other utility upgrades. To provide additional value, a separate contract in 2020 is being completed for crack and slurry seal for low-cost preservation of many residential streets. 

In 2020, when the program reached the 60% complete mark, the team had replaced 67,000 tons of asphalt, 17 miles of slurry seal, and 185 curb ramps. The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is anticipated to rise from 68 in 2017 to approximately 74 in 2022.

Project Highlights

  • Ongoing multi-million, five-year program to improve pavement condition
  • Programmatic and project delivery services
  • 67,000 tons of asphalt, 17 miles of slurry seal, and 185 curb ramps replaced (through 2020)
  • Annual overlay, grind and inlay, full-depth reclamation, and slurry seal projects
  • Curb ramps, push button modifications, asphalt berms, catch basins, ditch grading, and striping
  • Two full-depth reconstruction projects with stormwater detention and waterline improvements