Mukilteo Stormwater Comprehensive Plan

City of Mukilteo, WA

The City of Mukilteo, Washington, sought to engage the public to help craft its Comprehensive Stormwater Plan. Consor was hired to actively engage the community by organizing both in-person and online activities, which included public meetings where residents had the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns. We also facilitated a community advisory committee, bringing together passionate individuals to provide valuable insights and perspectives. Recognizing the diversity of Mukilteo’s population, we conducted a community-wide survey in multiple languages, giving everyone a chance to participate. Our team created engaging outreach materials that communicated the goals and benefits of the stormwater plan. To make information easily accessible and interactive, we developed and managed a StoryMap website, which provided an immersive experience that educated and engaged visitors. Through engaging content and visual storytelling, we aimed to foster a sense of connection and ownership among community members and reach a wide audience. Our goal was to allow the public to have a meaningful role in shaping the Comprehensive Stormwater Plan, resulting in a more inclusive and effective solution for the City of Mukilteo.

Project Highlights

  • Community advisory committee
  • Community survey
  • Open house
  • Translation services