Local Government and State-Owned Bridge Inspections

Florida, District Two

Consor performed two cycles of NBIS local government bridge inspection services for 670+ bridges throughout 18 counties, 14 bridges of which required underbridge vehicle and/or rope access inspection. Our team also completed 200 underwater inspections, as well as 240 interim inspections, 24 initial inspections, and 30 load ratings. The structure types our team inspected included concrete, steel, and timber. We also performed Phase I – IV scour analysis for eight bridges in accordance with the HEC manuals.

Additionally, Consor provided emergency response to District Two following Tropical Storm Debby by performing a total of 116 inspections, providing a daily summary of findings, and preparing reports within compressed time schedules. In 2018, our team performed NBIS routine, fracture critical, and underwater inspections for 40 major on-and off-interstate bridges, ramps, and interchanges located primarily in the Jacksonville area.

Project Highlights

  • Routine and underwater bridge inspections
  • Complex and fracture critical bridge inspections
  • Unique technical access
  • Load ratings