Lake Alfred Trail Pedestrian Bridge

Polk County, Florida

Consor provided pedestrian bridge and approach design for the Lake Alfred Trail Bridge at the US 17/92 in Polk County, Florida. The Lake Alfred Trail is part of an enhancement of a network of existing and planned trails throughout the county that provide safe transportation and recreation opportunities to link cities, neighborhoods, parks, community facilities, schools, and transit services. This bridge connects Lake Alfred’s downtown to the Chain of Lakes Trail in Winter Haven, Florida. The project included aesthetic elements in coordination with the City of Lake Alfred and the development of a bridge development report followed by design. The bridge’s design is comprised of a 161-ft., 9-in. single span with two Florida-I Beams supporting an 8-in. cast-in-place composite reinforced concrete deck on two 24-in. prestressed concrete piles with wraparound MSE walls at each abutment. The project included relocation of existing utilities, replacement of existing overhead signs with ground mounted signs, new lighting, and landscaping.