Kennydale 320 Zone Reservoir

City of Renton, WA

The City of Renton hired Consor to complete design and construction support services for a new 1.29 MG welded steel standpipe-style reservoir to serve the City’s Kennydale area. The new reservoir, 50 feet in diameter and 100 feet in height, will not only improve water supply reliability, it will also provide pressure surge control and an increase in storage capacity for fire protection and domestic use.

The project site presented several challenging constraints, including the parcel size, soil conditions, proximity to homes and businesses in the area, and a new fire station adjacent to the reservoir that was constructed during the design phase. The design team worked closely with City staff to maximize use of the site while navigating construction and maintenance activities. The Consor team secured several permits to comply with land use zoning requirements, and also worked in conjunction with the City and local neighborhood association to proactively communicate project goals and impacts. Consor’s proactive and regular communication helped the City successfully obtain the required conditional use permit for the project.

Due to the reservoir’s height and proximity to the Renton Municipal Airport, the FAA was consulted, and they determined that the new reservoir needed to be constructed at a lower height than the City had originally planned. In order to keep the project on schedule, our team quickly evaluated the City’s water system to be served by the reservoir and developed pressure zone boundary adjustments to provide desired water pressures and fire flows while meeting FAA height limitations.

To see the project through to a successful completion, Consor has provided technical support to the City throughout the construction phase of the project.

Project Highlights

  • The project was sited near the new fire station to optimize land owned by the City
  • The team provided design and construction support for a 100 foot by 50 foot reservoir
  • The project required extensive communication and project coordination with the City, FAA, and local neighborhood association
  • The reservoir offers improved seismic resilience of the water system through its location and design features