Inspection of Highway Bridges, Sign Supports, and Mast Arm Supports


Consor is performing structural inspections in several districts in Connecticut under a second consecutive five-year inspection contract. When possible, inspections are scheduled and carried out on numerous structures at the same time; work and crews are coordinated to inspect bridges and signs and other structures in the same lane closure using the same support people. Work is often done with vendor supplied lane closures that can include short-term double lane closures on major interstates, rolling patterns with numerous crash attenuation vehicles, single lane alternating direction lane closures, and occasional road closures. The work is done at off-peak traffic hours, often at night and on weekends. Sign structures include cantilevers, full-span, and bridge-mounted structures. On sign structures, minor maintenance is done including sealing gaps at connections, replacing missing bolts, checking the torque on existing bolts, tightening anchor bolt nuts, and evaluating anchor bolts for soundness.

The firm is also inspecting historic and movable bridges, coordinating subconsultants, and reviewing subconsultant work. The project involves implementation of a coordinated inspection program involving traffic control; state and local police; mechanical access with under bridge inspection units and bucket trucks; and even rope access. The bridge structures are comprised of steel, concrete, and timber ranging in size from small culverts to larger river crossings to complex multi-level urban interchanges. Ultra high definition photogramatery and LiDAR are being used to map cracks on post-tensioned concrete structures to identify potential critical crack locations. Inspection findings are documented in the Department’s SMS/AssetWise database. Reports include CADD sketches, element level documentation, photographs, and recommended maintenance items. Non-destructive testing is being used to fully define some deficiencies. Communication with the Department includes daily work logs, weekly lane closure schedules, and semi-monthly progress reports.

Project Highlights

  • NBIS routine, fracture critical, and underwater bridge inspections
  • CONSOR has completed more than 550 bridge inspections and more than 250 overhead sign inspections