Hillsboro Water Department Strategic Plans

City of Hillsboro, OR

Consor worked with the City’s Communications and Water Departments’ leadership teams to create a 3-year Strategic Communications Plan. The plan functions as an addendum/extension to the recently completed Citywide Communications Plan. It identifies three values, described as “Our Commitment to Customers,” that drive the City of Hillsboro Water Department and their communications goals and strategies.

Consor is currently facilitating the process for development of a 5-year Strategic Plan for the Hillsboro Water Department. The project includes facilitation by Consor of virtual workshops and project meetings with Water Department employees and leadership, and of check-in and update sessions with the Hillsboro Utilities Commission during their regular meetings, which are also now conducted virtually.

Project Highlights

  • Facilitation
  • Online virtual workshops
  • Strategic planning
  • Communications planning