Emigration Canyon Pavement Improvements

Salt Lake County, UT

Salt Lake County, in collaboration with the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District and Emigration Canyon Metro Township, completed roadway overlays, utility collar reconstructions, shoulder and drainage improvements, and lane-striping adjustments to provide additional bike lanes on Emigration Canyon Road. Consor provided design and public involvement services throughout the duration of the project.

Emigration Canyon is one of the most popular cycling routes in Utah. Due to the canyon’s narrow nature, the project team had to close the road to cyclists during construction, which caused public outcry. Our team crafted thoughtful responses to individual concerns and an overarching message for the project website. Team members attended Salt Lake County Bicycle Advisory Committee meetings to address the community as a group. After explaining the issue and solution, we received positive feedback and appreciation for our quick response during a difficult and controversial situation.

Our team also conducted extensive outreach and coordination with other major stakeholders, businesses, residents, government entities, and adjacent project teams. We developed a comprehensive stakeholder database, distributed an initial project mailer to 620 properties, provided regular updates through emails and a dedicated project webpage, and maintained a 24/7 project hotline for real-time information and issue resolution. Our proactive communication contributed to the project’s overall success by keeping stakeholders informed about potential impacts, changes in project timelines, and safety considerations.

Project Highlights

  • Roadway overlay
  • Public engagement
  • Stakeholder coordination
  • Transportation design