Bridge Maintenance and Management Program

Nashville, TN

The Nashville Bridge Maintenance and Management Program facilitates services for thousands of roadway structures for the Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT). The program provides maintenance and reconstruction, addresses the vulnerability concerns of approximately 387 structures in the NDOT bridge and underpass inventory, addresses structural and safety problems associated with 3,500+ culverts, and performs guardrail service requests within the ROW of NDOT’s roadway network.

Consor utilizes GIS-based asset management software, including the Capital Funding Management System (CFMS), Bridge Maintenance Management System, and Culvert Management System, to assist with asset data collection, project prioritization, cost estimating, and project tracking. Our team is currently working with NDOT’s Annual Bridge Contractor to manage project execution of the FY 2020-2021 funding allocation to deliver projects that have been prioritized using the Program’s priority ranking systems. The team also allocates funds and develops projects to address service requests and emergencies.

Consor is providing the guidance and expertise required to manage all aspects of the administration: risk assessment, planning, design, construction inspection, development of CFMS reports, and integrations into the CFMS. Our firm serves as an extension of the client’s staff and the program manager.

Project Highlights

  • Bridge maintanance and reconstruction
  • Vulnerability and structural assessments
  • Project management