On-Call Bridge Engineering, Assessment, and Evaluation

Arizona, Southwest and Northwest Regions

Under a task order-based contract, Consor performs routine, in-depth, hands-on, nonredundant steel tension member (NSTM/fracture critical), and underwater bridge inspections for ADOT in accordance with NBIS standards. Our team is responsible for maintaining ADOT’s bridge inventory in the Southwest and Northwest regions of the state. Covering a wide range of structure types, some of the bridges our team inspects include the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway Bridge in Yuma, the complex system of canal bridges in Yuma, and the Burro Creek NB and SB Bridges near Wickenburg.

Our team uses a variety of access methods, including adapted rope techniques, bucket trucks or UBIVs with traffic control closures, boats, waders, and ladders. Element-level inspections examine all bridge components related to the bridge deck, superstructure, substructure, and channel protection. Visual assessments are also performed for the approach roadway components and safety features near limits of the structure. Our teammates prepare detailed engineering reports—which may include SI&A sheets, repair recommendations, maintenance recommendations, inspection reports, and more—that adhere to ADOT guidelines.

Project Highlights

  • Routine and NSTM (fracture critical) inspections in accordance with NBIS standards
  • Use of multiple access methods
  • Detailed engineering reports