1300 East, 1300 South to 2100 South

Utah Department of Transportation, Region 2

Consor designed and oversaw the full-depth removal of two old overlaid roadways and the construction of a new roadway for a 1.2-mile stretch of one of Salt Lake City’s busiest corridors. We provided full design, utility coordination, public involvement, construction management, and material testing services. By eliminating on-street parking, we widened the roadway without purchasing additional right-of-way, which accommodated increased traffic flow and new bike lanes. Altering the road profile to establish an east-to-west slope significantly improved drainage and reduced flooding risks, water pooling, and damage to the road. Our meticulous testing verified the quality and durability of materials, helping the roadway improvements stand the test of time.

Throughout construction, our public involvement efforts kept Salt Lake City government, Westminster College, University of Utah, local hospitals, emergency services, Utah Transit Authority, residents, and other stakeholders regularly informed about the project. Going beyond conventional practices, we also coordinated essential services like trash pick-up and mail delivery. Our customized approach efficiently managed local traffic flow through the work zone, minimizing disruptions. Now complete, the reconstructed corridor offers improved mobility with smoother traffic movement, reduced congestion, and improved safety and connectivity for residents and businesses.

Project Highlights

  • Construction management
  • Transportation design
  • Utility coordination
  • Materials testing
  • Public involvement