Sitting behind a desk every day is not something Brian Dietrich dreamt of doing. Fortunately, as a certified bridge inspector and Society of Professional Rope Access Technician (SPRAT), he doesn’t have to. From Puerto Rico all the way to Alaska, Brian’s spent most of his career suspended from bridges far from any cubicle.

“I lost count of the number of bridges I’ve inspected at 6,000,” remarked Brian. “That was in 2014, so who knows how many I’ve done by now!”

As a safety fanatic and champion for technological progress, Brian devotes much of his time to educating other industry professionals. In 2022 alone, Brian was the lead instructor for 24 fracture-critical bridge classes for the Federal Highway Administration/National Highway Institute.

“Keeping bridges safe and in working order is a huge responsibility,” stated Brian, “so understanding the new regulations as they come out and exchanging lessons learned are critical to identifying and addressing structural issues early. I used to work on the design side, but it felt too cookie cutter compared to the quick thinking and decision making you do out in the field.”

From hiking to mountain biking to camping, it’s no surprise that Brian also spends his free time outdoors. He volunteers for the U.S. Forest Service at Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky, where he helps maintain the trail system by replacing stairs, rerouting trails, and much more.

We’re honored to have such a safety-minded director leading the charge for our ever-growing SPRAT team!