Joshua Owens is grateful he decided to pursue a creative profession—civil engineering. You heard that right! A water resources engineer, Josh believes his industry colleagues should be recognized as creatives. And the first step is embracing that label.

“When we approach hard things with a creative mindset, we innovate and have fun in the process,” shared Josh. “Granted, everything isn’t always fun. But the joy of exploration, discovery, collaboration, and learning keep me going. That mindset has helped me get through challenging times.”

Josh funnels his creative energy (and two decades of experience) into his water resources projects, which encompass stormwater management, stream and wetland restoration, and much more. From planning through design to implementation, he enjoys improving the interconnection of our built and natural environments. This passion even led him to earn his master’s in water resources engineering.

“I’m excited sustainability and resiliency have become a real part of the conversation, both in our industry and culture broadly. It opens opportunities for innovation. I’m seeing this especially in stormwater retrofit and stream restoration projects, where we are dealing with the consequences of how our natural resources have been managed historically.”

Josh’s dedication to caring for our ecosystems—and the communities who call them home—exemplifies Consor’s core value of integrity. We look forward to seeing how he continues applying his creativity to these critical water resources projects.