Imagine the vital Interstate 95 bridge stretching 2,250 feet across the main river channel and existing floodplain to the south. When Hurricane Florence’s record-breaking floodwaters threatened various bridge piers not designed to be in the river, immediate action was needed to save this structure. The collaborative and unique work on this project was recognized by American Council of Engineering Companies of South Carolina with an ACEC Finalist Award and ACEC SC Engineering Excellence Award.

In collaboration with South Carolina Department of Transportation Bridge Maintenance group, our team was tasked with inspecting bridges following the impact from the storm. Unable to use traditional methods due to water levels, the team used a floating sonar system and acoustic imaging to see the river bottom. These real-time results showed impacts to piers and revealed necessary actions for alleviating the stream migration caused by floodwater erosion.

With rapidly scouring embankments and another hurricane on the horizon, time was of the essence. Working with the contractor, the team used recycled beams and designed bearings to complete the crutch bent design in only a matter of days.

Kudos to our colleagues at Consor who provided bridge inspection, round-the-clock floodwater monitoring, and pioneering design. And thank you to our partner at United Infrastructure Group for the excellent construction work. We’re proud to be involved in this endeavor to protect the I-95 bridge and the communities who depend on it.