Today, Consor is excited to announce its latest partnership with American Consulting Professionals (American), a multidisciplinary firm specializing in planning, design, and construction services for public transportation infrastructure. Based in Florida and Georgia, American’s team of 80 professionals is driven by a shared vision of providing innovative and tailored solutions to serve communities through exceptional service. Given the long-standing collaboration between American and Consor for the betterment of our communities, this partnership almost seemed inevitable.

“With Consor’s existing presence in Florida focused primarily on construction services, we saw a natural partnership with American as a leader who could fill out the rest of our transportation services in the region,” said Consor CEO, Chris Rayasam. “But the fact that our firms had complementary visions and values sealed the deal—culture is always top priority for us.”

The strategic partnership was heavily motivated by a strong cultural alignment and a shared vision. Both firms aim to positively impact communities from the inside out, as Consor’s core values of collaboration, grit, and integrity perfectly harmonize with American’s values of teamwork, personal accountability, and integrity.

“American has been approached many times over the years for acquisition,” said Scott Korpi, Managing Principal at American. “It was always important that we consider culture first and foremost while living by our core values and delivering exceptional projects to our clients.”

Jeff Novotny, Managing Principal at American, said, “We have a strong desire to provide innovative solutions to our clients, and we wanted to make sure that we stay true to this vision. As we got to know Consor while working on projects, we seemed to be in perfect alignment with how we conduct ourselves and serve others. It feels natural to be a part of the Consor team.”

In addition to their expertise in roadway and bridge design, American brings extensive experience in construction inspection, transportation planning, traffic engineering, and NEPA studies. They also offer a well-rounded perspective on design-build, enabling them to assess and mitigate risks from procurement to final construction. Bolstering their collective capabilities, this expertise allows for an integrated approach to delivering top-quality projects.

Consor’s partnership with American will firmly establish them as a regional leader in the Southeast. This collaboration brings together two respected firms, enhancing their industry presence and influence. The alignment of services and shared commitment to excellence ensures a seamless integration. Together, they are well-equipped to lead transportation design and planning across the Southeast region, making a positive impact on the communities they serve.