Transportation Communications Upgrade

Centennial, Colorado

CONSOR prepared the Communications Master Plan for the City of Centennial’s traffic and ITS infrastructure. With an eye on the future, they identified communication needs and a proposed approach to upgrading traffic signal and ITS communications infrastructure to support new devices identified in the City’s ITS plan. The plan reviewed existing conditions, key personnel skills, planning for all new hardware, and management of future infrastructure. The plan also proposed a new communications architecture and preliminary topology, IP addressing scheme, fiber optic strand requirements, and other elements desired by the City. The topology is designed to be redundant and resilient to equipment failure or damage. CONSOR also covered a variety of topics for the City staff to consider when operating and maintaining their system, within the context of their particular master plan. Subsequently, CONSOR was selected to design and oversee construction of the first priority section of upgrades, and is now working on the design of the upgrades for the remainder of the City, leveraging both Traffic Engineering Services fiber optics and the City’s newer FiberWorks infrastructure. The design packages leveraged standard traffic and ITS project specifications, which CONSOR has previously updated for the City in 2018.