Statewide Bridge and Ferry Terminal Inspections in Alaska


Since 2006, we have performed underwater inspections of marine and freshwater structures for Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (AKDOT&PF). The project includes the detection of damaged structure elements, section loss, timber decay or attack by marine borers, scour, and undermining of footings or concrete walls. Acoustic imaging is performed on structures. In 2015, our underwater inspection contract was expanded to include NBIS routine and fracture critical inspections statewide utilizing industrial rope access techniques. Structure types include bridges, ferry terminals, docks, and ramps. Our work includes structures in locations ranging from the west end of the Aleutians, the Arctic Circle, and the southern Inside Passage in Alaska. Each inspection requires a comprehensive engineering report. We provide all contract requirements including labor, materials, supplies, transportation, food, lodging, inspection equipment, diving equipment, support equipment, photographic equipment, traffic control, debris removal, non-destructive testing, and all other incidentals necessary to complete the inspections and reports.