Statewide In-depth Inspections for
Major Bridges in Iowa


Under six contracts since 2012, we have performed in-depth, hands-on inspection of ten major bridges utilizing rope access techniques and mechanical access. Each inspection included preparation of a narrative inspection report that included a description of the findings, NBI ratings, photographs, and drawings. Structures included the Siouxland Veterans Memorial Bridge, 1,073-ft. multi-girder bridge; the US 20 (Julien Dubuque) Bridge, a 5,760-ft. steel tied arch bridge; the Iowa 926 Bridge a 562-ft. deck truss bridge; the I-80 eastbound bridge; a 2,412-ft. steel multi-girder superstructure; the I-80 westbound bridge, a 2,470-ft. weathering steel multi-girder superstructure; the US 30 bridge, a 1,983-ft. reinforced concrete beam and continuous steel girder bridge; the I-129 bridge, a 2,607-ft. continuous welded plate girder bridge; the I-74 eastbound and westbound bridges, both 3,370-ft. suspension bridges; and the US 34 bridge, a 3,282-ft. welded steel girder bridge.