Parking and Curbside Support

Denver, Colorado

CONSOR has worked on more than 30 parking-related tasks for the City and County of Denver Curbside and Parking group. Tasks have included providing precise documentation on numerous types of parking polices, delivering quality products, and determining the correct time frames for measuring occupancy rates. CONSOR has standardized the City’s mapping products, formalized the process by which AMPs are completed, and created a process for quality assurance and quality control. Notably, CONSOR has completed parking supply and occupancy studies for more than 15 of Denver’s diverse neighborhoods. Additionally, CONSOR staff have been pivotal in helping Denver roll out advanced parking technology: Electronic Parking and System Evaluation for the Denver Performing Arts Center Garage and the Parking Management Plan System Engineering for the National Western Center. Other tasks have included researching and presenting on the Motor Pool Reservation System, Residential Parking Permit Programs, Carshare Program Evaluations, and assisting with the Eugene Fields Library Parking Lot Redesign.