I-275 Sunshine Skyway Rest Area Rehabilitation Project and Seawall Repairs

Manatee and Pinellas Counties, Florida

Our firm is providing construction engineering and inspection services for this $18M, 800-day design-build project consisting of new rest area facilities at both the north end of the Sunshine Skyway bridge (Pinellas Rest Area) and the south end of the Sunshine Skyway bridge (Manatee Rest Area). The existing rest areas are to be demolished with a parking lot constructed it its place, and the existing site will be rehabilitated to accommodate the new facility location. The two rest area buildings are being constructed on piling with a finish floor elevation of 17.5-ft. to accommodate local floodplain requirements. New LED parking lot lights are also part of this project. Additionally at the Manatee Rest Area, the seawall will be extended 285 linear ft. to accommodate new picnic pavilion, and the existing seawall cap will be raised approximately 1-ft.

This project also includes repairs to the existing seawall cap for approximately 5,330-ft. south of the Skyway Bridge. The repair method will range from full cap replacement to epoxy injection of existing cracks depending on the existing condition. The scope of work also includes the installation of rip rap flush with the top of concrete cap extended outwards 8-ft. and sloped down at 1:2 to the bay bottom. Three sections of vehicle barrier wall totaling 2,650-ft. will be installed adjacent to the seawall cap to serve as shoulder repairs. At the ITS building east of the northbound lanes of I-275, 300-ft. of driving surface along the seawall will be repaired with full depth road construction. Also at the ITS building, this project will rehabilitate the maintenance driveway outside of the existing 8-ft. paved shoulder along I-275 northbound to prevent washouts on the driving surface for approximately 500-ft..