CDOT South I-25 GAP Smart Work Zones and Traffic Incident Management

Douglas County, Colorado

The I-25 South Gap corridor is one of the busiest in Colorado, carrying more than 80,000 vehicles on average every day. CONSOR has been supporting the I-25 South Gap project team with utilizing cutting-edge technology to deploy Smart Work Zones to improve safety and maintain traffic flow through this vital transportation corridor. This project has included implementing a truck warning system, a queue warning system, portable variable speed limit signs, and an on-site project traffic operations center. CONSOR staff conduct traffic control reviews for phasing and method of handling traffic, participates and runs meetings to discuss incidents, improvements, and response protocols for the satellite traffic operations center.  CONSOR developed the plan; stood up the satellite operations center; wrote the guidelines for the gap office operations and staffing protocols; and manages the Smart Work Zone technology and system design concepts and reporting on the system performance.