CDOT Region 1 Smart Work Zones

Denver Metro Area, Colorado

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) engaged CONSOR to provide consulting services to identify, plan, design, deploy, and evaluate several Smart Work Zone projects. The projects have included a mix of closed field system deployments and centralized software, along with app-based and wayside information dissemination. CONSOR was able to follow the projects from concept to deployment and monitor the status during field operations. The most successful deployment was the portable travel delay system. Additionally, CONSOR prepared a Federal AID Grant application for a 64-intersection RSU [roadside unit] deployment for Snowplow Signal Priority, and were successful in securing $1 million in funding. This project will utilize the Intelight connected vehicle module. CONSOR recently designed the ATC controller and communications upgrades for more than 500 signalized intersections, including the database conversions and controller programming for over 100 locations.