CONSOR services include engineering, planning, design, and construction management for all types and classes of water and sewer pipelines. We provide master planning and hydraulic modeling services for new or expanding water distribution and wastewater collection systems. For existing line evaluations, we are experts in inspection and assessment of pipelines, including the latest non-invasive technologies. Our engineers have significant experience in water and force main design, trenchless technologies, horizontal directional drilling, utility relocation, and emergency repairs. We also have specialized expertise in large diameter pipelines.

Pump/Lift Stations

CONSOR provides engineering and design services for nearly every type of pump station, including inline water booster stations, reservoir pump stations, well pumps, sewage lift stations, and treatment plant influent pump stations. Our engineers have experience in a wide variety of pump types and sizes and are experts in pump station troubleshooting and rehabilitation, including hydro-pneumatic systems and water hammer issues.

Well Sites

CONSOR helps clients plan, design, rehabilitate, and provide treatment for their groundwater well system needs. We are experts in well head treatment, blending plans, site design, hydropneumatics systems, and most other aspects of well site engineering. Our engineers have provided planning and design services for scores of potable water wells throughout the United States and have a strong understanding of the regulatory environment and differing permit requirements for each state.

Storage Facilities

CONSOR services include engineering, planning, design, and construction inspection/management for all types and classes of water and wastewater storage facilities. Whether above or below grade, open or covered, field-cast or prestressed, or bolted or welded, CONSOR’s engineers have the experience to successfully execute water storage facilities project. We have experience in raw, potable, and reclaimed water storage, storm and wastewater equalization storage, and all types of chemical storage tanks and facilities. We also have in-house structural engineers to provide high-quality designs of all tanks and structures.

Treatment Facilities

CONSOR provides engineering and design services for all phases of water and wastewater treatment facility projects, from facility planning and permitting to design, construction inspection/management, and startup services. Our seasoned engineers and technical staff have experience that ranges from alternative studies to complex retrofits to full-scale greenfield plants. We are also experienced in biological and hydraulic modeling for treatment facilities and have specialized expertise in odor control and mitigation.