Pedestrian & Bicycle Facilities

CONSOR Engineers has designed more than 150,000 LF of sidewalk, 30 miles of hike and bike trails, 25 miles of on-street bike lanes, and 10 pedestrian/bicycle bridges. CONSOR manages and designs ADA-compliant sidewalks, bicycle lanes, trail geometrics, pedestrian/bicycle bridges, and bridge rail modifications for aesthetics and bikeway compliance.

Hydraulics & Hydrology

CONSOR Engineers offers a full range of engineering capabilities for innovative drainage design and analysis. Our capabilities include the design and analysis of bridge deck drainage systems, storm sewer and catchment basins, stormwater management for the evaluation of water quality and quantities, erosion and sediment control, and advanced analysis of rivers and open channel systems using the latest software and methodologies. CONSOR has advanced knowledge and experience in utilizing both one-dimensional and two-dimensional steady and unsteady state techniques for the analysis of a multitude of hydraulic systems including bridge hydraulics, precipitation analysis contributing to open-channel mechanics, urban drainage and sheet flow patterns, scour potential, and retrofit designs to combat scour.

Traffic Engineering/ITS

CONSOR Engineers’ holistic approach to traffic engineering integrates design, technology, and an extensive knowledge of construction to provide a combination of creative and practical solutions for all travel modes. Our experience includes traffic signal design, signal interconnect systems, ramp metering, bicycle and pedestrian signals, traffic control plans, signing, pavement markings, traffic calming, roundabouts, emergency and railroad pre-emption, illumination simulation and design, Complete Streets,​ intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and design-build projects. We provide traffic studies including traffic impact analysis, corridor feasibility studies, signal warrant studies, safety studies, and feasibility studies for alternative intersections and interchanges. Our multimodal operations and simulation experience includes freeway and interchange improvements, traffic signal optimization and coordination, transit signal priority, light rail transit (LRT) systems, safety evaluation, bus rapid transit (BRT) systems, railroad grade crossings, and alternative and innovative designs. We also have expertise in bicycle, pedestrian, and trail planning; bikeway design; pedestrian and bicycle design innovations; Safe Route to Schools; and wayfinding signs planning and design. Our designs bring together infrastructure and technology—smart cities, connected vehicles, etc.—to improve the quality of life for our communities. Our services and solutions help to create intelligent, sustainable cities.


Bridges & Ancillary Structures

CONSOR Engineers has designed more than 300 bridges over the last 30 years. Our bridge design expertise encompasses the full range of planning and design for bridge reconstruction, new alignment, widening, and rehabilitation of bridges ranging from simple off system bridges to complex bridges for interchanges, freeways, and major stream crossings in urban and rural settings. Superstructure types designed include slab beams, TX girders, box beams, pan girders, flat slabs, steel simple spans, continuous spans, decked slab, and X-beams. CONSOR provides design for retaining walls including MSE, soil nail, drilled shaft, and sheet pile. Foundation types have included mono and multi drilled shafts, prestressed piles, pile groups, and spread footings.

Roadways & Highways

CONSOR Engineers performs basic and specialized planning and recommended studies needed to design and license major transportation facilities in accordance with state and federal standards and requirements. Our experience ranges from the design of local intersection improvements, design of new/reconstruction of streets and arterials, and the design of new/reconstruction of urban interstate highways.