Waterfront & Marine Facilities

CONSOR’s personnel approach waterfront and marine facilities inspection and repair projects with a safe, methodical, and analytical engineering-based process, particularly in difficult access scenarios commonly found such as under piers and in confined spaces. Our 60+ full-time inspectors have attended a multitude of national courses and training related to structural inspection; they also carry specialized certifications from the Association of Diving Contractors International and the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians. We are experienced in diverse environments for a wide variety of structures, including piers, wharves, relieving platforms, docks, decks, ramps, bulkheads, caissons, pipelines, fender and mooring systems, aid-to-navigation structures, locks, spillways, pump stations, weirs, and shoreline protection systems. We are well-equipped to carry out inspections from simple, straightforward tasks to more intricate projects that require complex equipment or material sampling and testing regimens. Once CONSOR’s engineer-diver personnel have established the above and below water condition of a structure, the same personnel prepare reports, plans, specifications, and cost estimates (PS&E) for execution of repairs. This documentation is prepared based on facility sustainment and/or repair. Deliverables can be used for soliciting construction services to execute the work in either conventional design-bid-build or design-build procurement methods.