Bridges, Tunnels,
and Ancillary Highway Structures

CONSOR is recognized across the nation as a leader in full-service structural inspection for bridges, tunnels, overhead signs, traffic signals, and high mast light poles. Each of our inspectors receives specialized training from the Federal Highway Administration and various national agencies to provide superior service, including certifications from the Association of Diving Contractors International for underwater inspections and the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians for climbing inspections. Furthermore, much of our equipment, including our trucks and boats, is custom-made, providing optimal efficiency in the field. Regardless of the structural assessment need—above and below water inspections, in-depth or hands-on inspections, rope or mechanized access inspections, non-destructive testing, load rating, structural analysis, scour evaluation, and emergency response— we provide one-stop services in a single mobilization with cross-trained, expert personnel.