Our Journey

Apex Design joined CONSOR Engineers in October 2020, pairing local leaders in transportation planning, traffic engineering, civil design, and ITS with a national platform and industry expertise in complementary services. Our Colorado clients can now also look to us for structural assessment, water/wastewater engineering, and so much more.

What’s in store for Apex Design?
You’ll see our name transition to CONSOR Engineers as we continue down the path of becoming one firm, amping up our collaboration and plugging in our individual talents to explore new technical solutions for our clients’ diverse problems. As we navigate these possibilities, we’re excited to discover how we can support our partners in more ways than ever before. But what won’t change is our local team’s commitment to maintaining their trusted connections and the quality of work we’ve become known for.

For more on how we make a great fit, check out this announcement about Apex Design becoming a CONSOR company.