Over his 30 years in construction services, David Bowden has been in the trenches growing his career and our business from the bottom up. From a construction inspector to CONSOR’s Senior Vice President of Florida Construction Services, David has always likened his professional career to his other passion— coaching youth sports.

“As a football coach, I’m driven by putting players in the right position to win, encouraging them to reach their potential, building their self-confidence, watching them progress from the bench to the playing field, and developing a team spirit—and that’s the same attitude I bring into my role at CONSOR. I’m not an engineer and come from a blue-collar background, so my passion is helping the next generation in our industry overcome challenges and grow their skills. And with the infusion of funds into our communities from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, we have nearly limitless opportunities to come together to help our partners build and repair roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.”