Month: April 2022

28 Apr 2022

Celebrating 20 Years and a Lifelong Commitment to Building Community through Civil Engineering

It’s been 20 years since subsurface utility engineering expert, Fulgence Bugingo, joined Murraysmith (a CONSOR partner since 2021). In celebration of this monumental milestone, we share his incredible career story below—from growing up in Rwanda and earning his civil engineering degree, to meeting Kevin Thelin on a 1993 Rwandan water treatment project and reuniting as…

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8 Apr 2022

Roundabouts: Helping the World Go ‘Round

Designed to accommodate vehicles of all sizes (including emergency vehicles, buses, farm equipment, and semi-trucks with trailers), roundabouts are circular intersections that direct travel counterclockwise around a central island. They have no traffic signals or stop signs—just a steady flow of traffic that entering drivers yield to. Quickly increasing in popularity throughout the US, roundabouts…

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